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These figures look good - the posing is very nice, although the half-prone figure looks as though he's sitting in a hole.  Overall it looks like a great set.
Love the Russian plastics , so many variations can be made from 8 body types . The big thing is making sure you don't end up with a regular and quilted arm for upper torso and a tall boot and a short boot with putties on the legs . And yes I have a couple of guys like that ( leg wise ) riding in the back of my Russian half track . Both the Russians and Early / Late War Germans are real easy to convert leg wise , as you cut under the skirt of the tunic , not having to worry about trying to patch the crotch with green  stuff  ( like the British  ::) ). Under the tunic you can just about place the legs any way you want .

Here my half track riders  ,built  with the idea being they have a bent leg / knee on the seat and a standing leg on the floor .So I ended up mostly  using both styles of kneeing Russians ( # 20 & 31 ) with leg swaps . The gunner was the # 25 standing figure with his legs moved closer together .Here's how the look heading into combat . The molded on packs are a bit of a problem space wise , they really only fit in the HT one way , and every time I take them out it takes me about an hour to figure out how to fit them back in , probbly should have gone with 6 in the back

Once you get bitten by the kit bash it's hard to stop . I cast up a bunch of 85mm ammo boxes for my T-34/85 and SU-85s . And I thought why not have a couple of guys standing or seated on them like you see in pictures of Russian armor in Berlin 45 . So with a standing leg added to each kneeling figure I have these guys spotting a sniper from the back of a tank

I decided to glue them to the ammo boxes so I could swap them around , here they are " dismounted "

Nice looking kit . Great to have a mobile and static crew for Goliath . Take a look at 1st two pictures , the outside wheels on the left side are wrong , maybe someone put the inside wheels on the outside . I would never , ever  do that  ::) ( again  :-[ )
A much-needed progress update on the crew for the Kettenkrad.  The delay is due to the long queue and priority issues with figure mould making... Crew TS1 plastic is finally upon us!

General Discussions / Re: Q1/2018???
« Last post by Rubicon Models on February 19, 2018, 03:13:40 PM »
We can't tell you right now... not because it is a secret, but the Chinese New Year holiday always give us surprises!  We might be able to give you some more info after the holidays, which is the last week of February.  :-\
General Discussions / Q1/2018???
« Last post by Swamprat33 on February 19, 2018, 04:39:25 AM »
Hi all, have just completed building the last of my 8 Rubicon kits from the last 2 releases.
Was just Wondering what we can hope to see with the Q1 release.

Showcase & Gallery / Re: Power to the Plastic ! ( 1/56 figure kit bashes )
« Last post by ultravanillasmurf on February 19, 2018, 01:27:26 AM »
Interesting point with the Russians (I have three sprues now).
Work In Progress / Re: Codename: Sherman 2016 - Deep Wading Trunk Prototype 180218
« Last post by ripley on February 18, 2018, 10:57:10 PM »
Very nice .
Showcase & Gallery / Re: Power to the Plastic ! ( 1/56 figure kit bashes )
« Last post by ripley on February 18, 2018, 10:54:34 PM »
The medic looks great . Fantastic idea to use the German grenade bag arm . Some of the pieces on the sprues really don't jump out and say variety in use . Are you going to use the arm once or have 3 or 4 guys running around  looking funny .Still haven't used the other bag arm with Panzerfaust . I used that arm , minus the bag on my Para holding the mg on his shoulder , only arm I could find that was bent that tight , remove bag , add hand holding mg bi pod . While I like newer sets with arms and weapons together , I still pick up a Russian sprue every once in a while , you  get almost 30 arms . great for kit bashing
Showcase & Gallery / Re: Power to the Plastic ! ( 1/56 figure kit bashes )
« Last post by ultravanillasmurf on February 18, 2018, 09:01:17 PM »
Nice conversions.

That medic is such a clever but simple idea.

I have built a lot of plastic figures that have never got as far as undercoating, partly due to something shinier turning up, and partly because it is fun.

The preparation can take some time - about an hour a figure in some cases, but is often easier than dealing with a metal figure if there are any issues with it. Minor mould issues can often be dealt with by the application of a bit of liquid poly,  a lot easier than hacking at white metal.
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