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Love the Russian plastics , so many variations can be made from 8 body types . The big thing is making sure you don't end up with a regular and quilted arm for upper torso and a tall boot and a short boot with putties on the legs . And yes I have a couple of guys like that ( leg wise ) riding in the back of my Russian half track . Both the Russians and Early / Late War Germans are real easy to convert leg wise , as you cut under the skirt of the tunic , not having to worry about trying to patch the crotch with green  stuff  ( like the British  ::) ). Under the tunic you can just about place the legs any way you want .

Here my half track riders  ,built  with the idea being they have a bent leg / knee on the seat and a standing leg on the floor .So I ended up mostly  using both styles of kneeing Russians ( # 20 & 31 ) with leg swaps . The gunner was the # 25 standing figure with his legs moved closer together .Here's how the look heading into combat . The molded on packs are a bit of a problem space wise , they really only fit in the HT one way , and every time I take them out it takes me about an hour to figure out how to fit them back in , probbly should have gone with 6 in the back

Once you get bitten by the kit bash it's hard to stop . I cast up a bunch of 85mm ammo boxes for my T-34/85 and SU-85s . And I thought why not have a couple of guys standing or seated on them like you see in pictures of Russian armor in Berlin 45 . So with a standing leg added to each kneeling figure I have these guys spotting a sniper from the back of a tank

I decided to glue them to the ammo boxes so I could swap them around , here they are " dismounted "

Nice looking kit . Great to have a mobile and static crew for Goliath . Take a look at 1st two pictures , the outside wheels on the left side are wrong , maybe someone put the inside wheels on the outside . I would never , ever  do that  ::) ( again  :-[ )

Very nice .

Showcase & Gallery / Re: Power to the Plastic ! ( 1/56 figure kit bashes )
« on: February 18, 2018, 10:54:34 PM »
The medic looks great . Fantastic idea to use the German grenade bag arm . Some of the pieces on the sprues really don't jump out and say variety in use . Are you going to use the arm once or have 3 or 4 guys running around  looking funny .Still haven't used the other bag arm with Panzerfaust . I used that arm , minus the bag on my Para holding the mg on his shoulder , only arm I could find that was bent that tight , remove bag , add hand holding mg bi pod . While I like newer sets with arms and weapons together , I still pick up a Russian sprue every once in a while , you  get almost 30 arms . great for kit bashing

Work In Progress / Re: Codename: Sherman 2016 - T23 Prototype 180217
« on: February 18, 2018, 05:55:00 AM »
Looks good . ( note to self - have expansion / add on kit and base kit in hand before building anything ! ) Don't ask  :-[

Showcase & Gallery / Re: Power to the Plastic ! ( 1/56 figure kit bashes )
« on: February 18, 2018, 05:52:03 AM »
Thanks . The Russian pancake mag for the DP will be too big , maybe use the drum mag off that odd looking PPD sub machine gun ( part L ) . Your going to have to cut it up but its an ugly little gun so no loss .

Showcase & Gallery / Re: Power to the Plastic ! ( 1/56 figure kit bashes )
« on: February 17, 2018, 11:13:41 PM »
They look really good . Oh yes those special magazines that never run out ammo LOL . A lot like all those  German troops with MP38 machine pistols  and rifle ammo pouches . As kid you never even looked twice , you just drank in the action . Aside from the German grey painted M-47 Patton tanks , the infinite repeating magazines and  men in rubber monster suits those 60s B movies weren't too bad  . Wouldn't a Russian DP-28 machine gun and a Bren kit bash solve your K gun problem , or is the pancake magazine too big . Always fun to try and kit bash weapons from the variety we have in plastic to make something new .

I decided I wanted a Para Panzerschek team , in plastic . Checking out the US weapons sprue , I found a Bazooka , upon checking for scale I found it was too long ! But just the right length for the German weapon , So I trimmed off all the detail , added plastic bits and a wire ( paperclip ) shoulder rest , then the front blast shield was a thin square  with some strips glued on . I even added glass (white glue , dries clear )to the sight hole . Then it was find arms that sort of work , green stuff the gaps and add paint . Toyed with trying to make the wooden back pack for extra rounds but with only having 2 rockets I put one in the loaders hand and one on the base

I think the rear of the Bren and barrel of the DP might work , but you'll need to find a magazine

Showcase & Gallery / Re: Power to the Plastic ! ( 1/56 figure kit bashes )
« on: February 17, 2018, 05:39:03 AM »
The Yanks look great , like something out a 60s Alien Invasion /  Monster Movie right down to having one kind of weapon and another kind of ammo pouches , well done . You meant to do that right ?  Don't know of any M-16 style looking pouches  in 1/56 , ( cut the BA Brit ones shorter and cast in resin maybe ) you might have to get out the green stuff . Italeri had some pouches in some of their 1/35 sets that were underscale that might work . The Commando looks awesome , very much Tiger Comic if you know what I mean . But he has a Thompson not a captured weapon , did you post the wrong pic ?

Showcase & Gallery / Power to the Plastic ! ( 1/56 figure kit bashes )
« on: February 17, 2018, 01:48:59 AM »
I'm going to borrow Tracks idea and create  a thread on 1/56 plastic figure conversions . We've all done them , weather its just replacing a arm or head so your tank commanders look a little different , to full on butchering of bodies , arm and legs to get that unique figure for your squad . Everyone feel free to jump in and post pictures of dudes you've created . Would even like to see Frostgrave type mashups , I've got an idea of the Soldiers chain mail type  bodies with BA German helmets and gas masks , armed with a variety of German and Russian weapons  ::) . Sorry I get side tracked sometimes . If possible tell us what parts you used on your conversions , of course if your like me you have a large stash of left and right arms with no concern from whence they came ,you just pick through the bin till you find one that fits , sort of ... and then you make it fit . Hopefully we get to see lots of neat creations and will be inspired by them to make more of our own . I'll start . I've always like the iconic look of the German mg teams firing over the shoulder of one of the crew . So I decided to make my own using the 2 kneeing Para figures . A lot of trial and error went into this with one arm ending up being made from parts of 3 other arms . Of course no pictures were taken during the kit bash , I've tried to note my progress on builds but I find as I think about what I'm doing , I tend to stop doing it . Creativity for me is just going ahead and doing it . Anyway here's my Para mg crew , and yes that is the extra  machine gun arm from the BA 251 half track crewman , finally found a use for it

Work In Progress / Re: Digital Sculpts - German Infantryman 180215
« on: February 17, 2018, 01:26:39 AM »
Tha'ts a great idea for a Gallery thread ,tracks . Power to the Plastic !

Showcase & Gallery / Re: Rubicon Models diorama compilation 180217
« on: February 17, 2018, 01:23:56 AM »
Seeing them all together like that is awesome . I found things in the diorama video that wasn't in shot in the still photos . Like the cat skulking through the long grass in the Stompie dio . Well done Steve . Would love to see what happens to that Officer standing by the muzzle break of the 75mm when they fire that thing  ;D

Work In Progress / Re: Digital Sculpts - German Infantryman 180215
« on: February 16, 2018, 08:39:27 AM »
I agree with Tracks , plastic over metal / resin figures any day . That being said , a gun or tank crew where you would only have one , metal would be ok . I have a nice Empress Minatures metal  Russian  machine gun and crew , but I wouldn't want 2 or 3 of the same set Plastics on the other hand , I can build how I want . These are a couple of mg crews from the BA early war plastic Germans

Looking good . Just so you know , you've got the jack block on the Whirbel mounted up side down , and  the driver hatches should probably not have the round signal port hatch on them , IRC that was phased out in the E version . Aside from that , turrets looking great

Showcase & Gallery / Re: Various WIP
« on: February 13, 2018, 09:38:14 PM »
The Crusader was a great kit , but  I never really noticed if you can build 2 regular type turrets , I wanted the AA version and passed the rest of the parts on to Bruce who was upgrading some Warlord resin Crusaders . I wonder if the fuel can  would fit on the rear of the Churchill ? ( T-34 ones are too short ) I'm going cast the rear side mount as I made a pattern , so if you want a couple and a stowage box , let me know . The front mounts were a pain , having to make a left and right ,lots of trial and error trying to get the angles correct , must of cut up a 12 x 12 inch sheet of plastic to make them . Probably should have made some to cast but got impatient after all that

Showcase & Gallery / Re: Various WIP
« on: February 13, 2018, 12:38:00 PM »
Just some stowage and weathering and I'll call this AVRE finished . I managed to get a second Petard mortar ( thanks Bruce ) so I can use either turret on the modified hull . Not a bad kit , pity they don't give doubles of some of the turret bits , map case , antennas ,  turret stowage box  It seems a shame to have 2 turret choices and about 7 guns to pick from and you only can build ONE !   ::). You have to adjust the internals on the Mk III turret as the Petard insn't meant to mount in that plastic  turret, but it was mounted in the real Mk III . Crew are a couple of Company B ( ? ) metal figures and a Tamiya 1/48 figure . Stowage is Tamiya ( large tarp ) Rubicon ( Panther track ) and various pieces of BA kit which I cast in resin . The second stowage box is also a resin piece , I've made a few for some of the local gamers .

The mortar bomb was painted a off white / grey , and pretty much filled up the mortr tube , so I added them . I just noticed I forgot to remove some mold lines on the sides of the barrel  :-[

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