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The SdKfz 260/261 expansion kit is a simple 2 sprue kit (figure size version) in a blister pack.  It should be released together with the SdKfz 222/223 kit if production schedule is on time.  ;)
Work In Progress / Re: SdKfz 222/223/260/261 - SdKfz 260/261 TS5 180221
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I'm a sucker for armoured cars, and German types especially, so this variant looks good.  I'm not sure if an unarmed signals vehicle has much utility in warhaming, so this is probably one for the modellers.  It will soon be possible to model an extensive group of German HQ vehicles - some cool diorama ideas there.
How are the mould changes going on the base kit?

The final changes had been completed and we are now in the final phase of approving the moulds. We are also working on the assembly instruction and decal set as well.

How are the mould changes going on the base kit?
Showcase & Gallery / Re: UVS models
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Well yes. I have used two arms from the German infantry sprues for the commander.

This is a plea to Our Gracious Hosts to have optional holes in the deck of any open plan self propelled guns to take locating pins for crew.

This piece of Swiss cheese is the deck of the Marder, the three holes marked with arrows are those that will be used. Getting the loader in place was a nightmare. I finally got it in position and discovered there was no room for the commander...
Test shot (TS5) of our SdKfz 260/261 expansion kit for the upcoming SdKfz 222/223 plastic kit:

Tank # 44

The figures 1. # 31 2. # 20 * 3. #24 * 4. #33 5. # 20 6. # 20 * 7. # 33 * 8. # 19 *  ( the * means I hacked up the legs to make the figures sit  ) That part is a lot of trial & error , with just minimum glue to see if the figure will work . You can hide mistakes with carefully placed pouches and packs , and green stuff becomes a very handy as well . If I had to do them over I would probably glue them together as one group of 8 or 2 groups of 4 , making them removable ( magnets ? )  instead of  gluing them onto the tank  If you look carefully . you will notice figure # 4 has a quilted jacket and regular arms   . After 2 years I notice this  :-[ . The clear vodka bottle is a shortened  1/35 Tamiya part  , you never know what you might find in the parts box  :D
Its taken quite a while but I finally figured out which BA Russian  figures I used as tank riders . I probably built these guys 2 years ago and they've gone through a couple of up grades and changes . When 1st built each tank had 6 , now # 43 has 5 , plus  2 guys in the act of dismounting and # 44 has 8 , and I have an extra guy who can ride on 43 if I just want to show it in motion

1. figure # 25 2. # 20 3. #33 4. #31 5. # 25 with # 21 left leg
Thanks Jimmy . Try your hand at some tank riders , you can use the kneeling guys and a couple of the standing types without any real hacking and slashing . I like to pick up BA sprues for kit bashing when they have their 1/2 price sale or last month they had a buy 3 ,pay for 2 sale . Its not a pain in the wallet to mess up a figure that set you back about .75 cents .   Here's my 251 with the crew bailing out . My inspiration was the  Tamiya model box cover from the 70s

The guys inside had legs cut and bent to put one foot on the seats . The guys jumping over the sides had their legs removed and sutible ( whatever worked  ::) ) legs added . IMO its not the legs but its the arms you really have to worry about

It's getting them to look as if they are captured in a second of motion

You can even get away with a bit of a strange look to the legs , if you've ever seen an athlete in slow motion you know the body moves in weird ways , at least that's my story ....

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