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I confess to some amusement. I think Pz IV Ausf J is a desirable weapon on the wargames table. However you can fight any period of the war without it. It's a pity the same can't be said for Panzer IV Ausf C, a vital and missing variant early in the war Rubicon don't appear interested in. I'll crawl back in my box now!
Why not try your hand at converting the M3 ?  Thin down the front fenders , sand the rear corners , change the head lights and IRC there were some differences in the rear bumper area and the battery box under  the right passenger door

None of the ( few ) books I have that include info on the IV J actually show a picture of a 100 % J version .  It should  have the cast  idler wheel , 3 not 4 return rollers ,some had the all steel road wheels ( like Brumbar ) vertical dual exhausts , the extended hull side with the hole  for the towing shackles ,  the close defence  weapon ( smoke launcher ) on the roof as well as the already mentioned deleted vision ports etc . and of course the steel mesh  Schurzen . Seems to me its  a full kit all on its own , IMO  it  might not be a profitable model to produce as way too many things will be needed to back date a pure 100 %  J to other versions and its the multi version kits that seem to be a favorite with the gamers  as well as the model guys , at least in my area . I know I can get by without a full J version , I already have 7 panzer IV  G/H s   :-[   You can find pictures of preserved IV Js in the   Saumur Museum, as well as the Armour Museum in Israel ( captured from Syrians ) but again both have some but not all features  ::)
Hi, Rubicon mentioned this back in January.
This model looks great. Is there any chance for M5 Commonwealth variant?

There are currently just too many vehicles (projects) to do right now.  Since we already
have a M3, we had to put the M5 on hold for a while.

Oh man, you're right.... but It was almost year ago. So, it nothing has changed since then we have to keep waiting :) thanks anyway :)
@Pinky, mind you if you can post some references here. We can discuss further with our designers over the final production meeting on the Panzer IV tomorrow!  ;)

From what I could recall, these were discussed at earlier meetings; and as @ripley stated, many of these features actually was present or missing on earlier variants as well.
I think these details are pretty important.  No point giving so much attention to things like sideskirts then skimping on the accuracy of the turret.  Features like Pilsen can be moulded on, so they can be sliced off for earlier version.  I guess the cupola splash guard would be a separate piece.
Work In Progress / Re: The Panzer IV Digital Library - Ausf J completed 171121
« Last post by ripley on November 21, 2017, 10:38:30 PM »
IRC , it was the removal of the aux motor for the turret ( no small exhaust ) , and the longer L48 gun that make it a J model . The removal of vision / pistol ports , the dual exhaust , one piece commanders hatch , etc were all design changes to save assembly time and money witch started before the J came out  . You see some  of  these changes on  Gs & Hs . As well some Js still had ports , split commanders hatch , even old large exhaust (but no small ) , really a mishmash of parts which goes along with the German doctrine of using up old parts on newer models of vehicles .  Maybe Rubicon could give us 2 set of turret doors ,one with , one without ports . The ports on the turret side and rear could be easily removed by the modeller if so inclined
Work In Progress / Re: The Panzer IV Digital Library - Ausf J completed 171121
« Last post by Rubicon Models on November 21, 2017, 10:23:08 PM »
There might be some compromise because the turret will be used for multiple variants (from Ausf G to J) complicated by sprue space.  But we will look into further updates as long as the changes are minor.

Work In Progress / Re: The Panzer IV Digital Library - Ausf J completed 171121
« Last post by ripley on November 21, 2017, 10:15:37 PM »
 I still think Its just reusing the CAD . That's what they did when they showed of one of the redesigned Sherman kits . The actual plastic was right  .
Work In Progress / Re: The Panzer IV Digital Library - Ausf J completed 171121
« Last post by Pinky on November 21, 2017, 09:38:04 PM »
Well spotted - I didn't see the vision ports were still there.

Rubicon said these were "final".  Hopefully it's not too late to fix these errors.
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