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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - 170621
« on: June 21, 2017, 08:56:41 PM »
Q: Who is Rubicon Models?
A: Established in late 2014, Rubicon Models is a digital design studio based in Hong Kong. Prior to her establishment, our design team had been working on numerous projects with many Tabletop Miniature Game manufacturers and Computer Games publishers using traditional and digital design tools.  Our vision is to create the best model kits for both the Tabletop Miniature Games (TMG) and Military Modelling (MM) market in 1/56 (or 28mm) scale.

Q: Why only in 1/56 (28mm) scale?
A: We are NOT limiting ourselves to 1/56 scale only; but we do need to establish a foothold in the market before venturing into different scales.  1/56 scale had been very popular with the TMG community but is a relatively new scale to the Military Modelling scene, where 1/35 and 1/72 scale had dominate that particular market for many years.  Model kits in these scales are now becoming too complex for the average modellers.  Many modellers actually enjoy painting more than the assembly aspect of the hobby.  This is where our model kits excelled – Rubicon kits are easy to assemble, highly detailed and historically accurate. Our kits are also multi-variant whenever possible, meaning you have a choice to build different versions of the same vehicle within a single kit!

Q: Why are there no Channel Partners in our region?
A: Not all regions have channel partners.  If you think you knew some companies who are reputable and trustworthy, you can recommend them to us.  However, these companies must have existing distribution and dealer channels to begin with!  We are strong supporter of Brick & Mortar stores worldwide!

Q: Where can I find all your product information?
A: We have an official website that listed out all our product details.  The website is not frequently update because we use Facebook exclusively to reach our customer base.  We will only update our website when there are new releases.

Q: What other social media is available?
A: We do have a Facebook community group that allows users to discuss our products, post work, and exchange ideas.  We also have an official forum for those who don’t use Facebook.  We also have a YouTube channel for painting and unboxing video as well.  Links as follow:
FB Community Page:
YouTube Channel:
Official Forum:

Q: Do you sell direct?
A: At this moment, the answer is “NO”.  You must go through our channel partners and their dealer channels to purchase our products.

Q: Do you have a webstore?
A: Yes, but only for the Americas.  This is because we have a warehouse in the US for logistic support.  The webstore address is

Q: What is included in each kit?
A: Each kit will include the corresponding sprues, a waterslide decal, and a detail assembly instruction sheet.  Before buying any of our products, you can preview the assembly instruction using the following link:

Q: Why it took so long to release each product?
A: Please bear with us!  We only have a handful of dedicated staff working at our design studio.  Besides work from our regular customer (OEM) projects, our own Rubicon kits had taken up all of our spare time!  From research to visualization, 3D modeling to 3D prototyping, quality control to commercial production, followed by the design of assembly instructions, waterslide decals, and box art are all done in-house to save cost!  Not to mention the daily upkeep of our Facebook pages, the website and the forum.

Q: What type of plastic do we used in our products?
A: We use ABS plastic for our products. The most important mechanical properties of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) are impact resistance and toughness, and because of its finer particles, it produces better detail on our products. And since our base customers are mostly tabletop gamers, we wanted our kits to be tougher to handle and be able to get knocked around a bit without getting damaged.

Q: There are sporadic reports that some plastic cements don’t work with our products.
A: This might be true because customers are using the wrong type of cement.  Liquid cements that we bought for testing work well with all our kits.  Most liquid cement are now PS/ABS compatible, except for a few ones still using older solvent formulas.  Ask your hobby store to recommend a glue for you!

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