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Model Assembly Tips 101
« on: October 19, 2014, 03:13:34 PM »
Would like to share some model assembly tips with you all - even if you are a seasoned gamer!

TIPS 01: BASIC TOOLS - Most items in the picture are what we called "standard tools for modeling".  However, you might noticed two odd items - Old Toothbrush & Nail Clipper.  The toothbrush is used to brush off debris off the modeling pieces and sometimes to clean up primed parts before painting!  A nail clipper is in fact a very good inexpensive modeling tool - with its curved cutting shape, you can trim wheels and other round objects with ease!
Some DOs and DON'Ts... (1) Use an old paintbrush when using liquid cement on detail parts - will glue better!  (2) Never use your Plastic Clipper to cut paperclips or metal bits!  (3) You should use your old toothbrush to clean your files occasionally for better performance!  (4) To drill a big hole, always start with a smaller bit, then the intended size bit on the smaller drilled hole!

TIPS 02: CUTTING POINT - Never cut right at the connecting point where the part and the sprue met!  To avoid damaging the part, ALWAYS cut the piece out with some sprue bits attached; then clean the spare bits off with a cutter, then smooth it out with a file and sandpaper!

TIPS 03: ODD FEATURES ON THE SPRUE - Once in a while, you might notice some odd-shape sprue features... they are there for a reason!  Besides production functions, you can cut the part out by cutting right at the center position of these connectors to remove the piece!  This is a much more effective and safe practice to remove parts from the sprue!

TIPS 04: READ THE ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION - Always read the instruction BEFORE assembly!  This is particular true for our multi-option / multi-variant kits!  There are hidden markings (or indents) underneath the surface of some major parts - they are there for you to attach optional parts using your drill bits!

TIPS 05: ALWAYS TEST FIT BEFORE GLUING - Always TEST FITTED all the parts before gluing them together!  Make this a common practice!

That's it for now... we will add some more tips as we go along!
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