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Vehicle Name Wish List - for our Decal Sheets
« on: July 26, 2015, 06:23:14 PM »
Vehicle Name Wish List

As discussed on our Facebook page, we are setting up a Vehicle Name Wish List that you think is worthwhile to be on future decal sheets.

What you need to do is include the following:
(1) Name of the vehicle
(2) Vehicle names(s) you want to add
(3) You can attach sample images if needed

Here is what our forum member Pinky had suggested on one of our forum post:
Here are some suggestions:
- US Army M5A1 (mid production) names included "Sloppy Joe", "Mickey Georgiana", "Cognac", "Carol" and "Destruction"
- USMC names included "Nannie" and "Hunter"
- US Army M5A1 (late production) names included "Brig", "Dingbat" and "Dagwood"
- British Army M5A1 names included "Halcyon" and "The Black Bear"
- M8 names included "Laxative" (it also had a large yellow callsign "3-9")
- Recce names (including Recces based M3 and M3A3 hulls) included: "The Curse of Scotland", "Havoc" and "Hornblower"



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Re: Vehicle Name Wish List - for our Decal Sheets
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2015, 10:21:55 PM »
US Sherman names (all types):

"Honky-Tonk", "Dixie-Belle" and "War-Daddy II" (M4A1s from 1st Armoured Div, destroyed at Kasserine Pass)
"Henry III" (M4A1 used by Lt. Col. Henry Gardiner of 1 Armoured Div in Tunisia - his third tank)
"Eternity T" (M4A1 from 2nd Armoured Div in Sicily)
"Fury" (M4 from 2nd Armoured in Normandy - yes, this is the real "Fury")
"Houston-Kid II" (M4A3 105mm, Germany)
"Thunderbolt IV" (M4A3 (76mm) used by Maj. Creighton Abrams of 4th Armoured Div - his fourth tank)
"Flat-Foot-Floogie" (M4A3 HVSS from 11th Armoured Div)
"First in Bastogne" (not a name, but a slogan, scrawled on an M4A3E2 Jumbo)

Some of these vehicles also had additional markings, like the thunderbolt symbol on "Thunderbolt IV".  Bison Decals does some very accurate decals, which are worth checking out.  Note that I've chosen quite a few early M4A1s - this isn't an accident (hint hint!)
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