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Showcase & Gallery / Re: Hey , have you seen this book ?
« on: Today at 09:48:21 AM »
One book to be wary of is Osprey's hardback "British Battle Tanks", supposedly by David Fletcher.  It looks good - Fletcher is an entertaining writer, and a whole book by him on British Armour seems very attractive.  But it's actually just a compendium of existing Vanguard titles on British tanks.  There may be some original content, or I just don't have the books that is taken from.  So, unless you don't have the Vanguard books, this is one to avoid.

Yeah, I think most of that would be more useful than stowage items (I love stowage, but large items are best supplied in a separate set).

Never mind - we will soon have a high-quality plastic kit of 2 early Panzer IV variants.  These are good for 1940-42 (earlier if you're not too fussy), and cover France, North Africa and Russia.  Not too shabby...

Presumably there will be 3 Panzer IV kits, with the 2nd one being the Ausf F to Ausf G?

Rubicon answered this on a March 11th post. Third post from the bottom of the previous page,page 18. :(

I think that was a different question.

I'd suggest the louvred deck is more useful than some of the stowage items that have been included, but I guess that ship has sailed.  This looks otherwise like a great kit. 

Showcase & Gallery / Re: Showcasing my work - models used for gaming.
« on: March 15, 2018, 12:37:07 AM »
How are the crew figures ?

They are the best Rubicon figures so far.  I still think they are too soft, and the heads and helmets seem a bit 'blobby', but I still prefer the 'heroic' look.   I think most people will be very happy with them.


To repeat an earlier request - is the engine deck separate?  I would want to be able to use the louvered deck for an Ausf E.

According to Spielberg, that's correct.  It looks as though the triangular bolt pattern is a feature of the revised turret from the Ausf E onwards.

Yeah, this looks great.  Can't wait to see the rest!

General Discussions / Re: British Shermans
« on: March 10, 2018, 10:58:59 PM »
I don't think M4A3s got converted into Kangaroos.  Anyway, I literally binned them.  I want all the chassis to look the same.  I'm going to try and mate the M4A2 chassis with the M10 hull.

The Rubicon Hybrid goes together extremely well.  The new 75mm turret is excellent.

General Discussions / Re: British Shermans
« on: March 10, 2018, 04:45:35 PM »
I finally picked up the Hybrid Firefly and Sherman III kits.  Lovely stuff - I am really looking forward to building them.  I love the new plastic colour - a great improvement, and the detail seems sharper.  The various alternative parts are also very welcome.  I have binned my Warlord Fireflies, which are crude and uninspired by comparison.

I stick to my earlier comments about Revell cement.  I haven't tried Rubicon's new plastic yet, but I really like the new colour!

General Discussions / Re: USMC Sherman?
« on: March 09, 2018, 04:18:04 PM »
Hi guys, just wanted to clarify is the USMC Sherman the new M4A2 they released?

This kit is correct for a USMC Sherman.  Most of the USMC Shermans were the M4A2 (75mm), although they shifted to the M4A3 in 1945 because production of the M4A2 (75mm) ceased.  The small hatch hull was fairly quickly replaced by the large hatch hull; the large hatch hull should still have applique armour on the sides, however (as the M4A2 didn't have 'wet' stowage).  Only 75mm-armed Shermans were used by the USMC. 

General Discussions / Re: Epic Hobby Fails
« on: March 07, 2018, 11:28:57 AM »
Convert it into terrain?

General Discussions / Re: Epic Hobby Fails
« on: March 06, 2018, 03:46:19 PM »
I haven't had an epic fail recently, but it still amazes me how, despite decades of building plastic kits, I make dumbarse mistakes when assembling them.  Maybe it's failing eyesight, but I don't think that's the real reason. 

So these are the same scale as King & Country's figures.  Interesting move.  You've not painted them in the 'toy soldier' style, which may limit their appeal, but there are other 1/30 scale WW2 ranges which are also done in a more 'natural' style.  Will you be taking a stab at resin vehicles in this scale?

I had assumed that the Type 82 was in widespread service by the invasion of France, but this appears not to have been the case.  Very few had been produced by May 1940 (production only started in March or February).  A couple of sources say that many had been distributed in time for the invasion of France, but it took months to introduce a vehicle into service (especially in the Third Reich), and this doesn't seem to be correct.  It therefore appears that only a handful at most actually saw action in France.  If they did, I can't find any photos of them; the earliest photos I can find are of vehicles in North Africa.  I wonder if anyone else has any hard info on this?

That said, I wouldn't be at all bothered about including the Type 82 in a Fall of France army.  I only raised this because you're quite particular about this issue. 

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