Author Topic: Italian Fiat L6/40 tank (with options)  (Read 235 times)


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Italian Fiat L6/40 tank (with options)
« on: October 08, 2016, 06:10:03 PM »
Why Italians?
You know, there were other parties on the Axis side besides the Germans, right ;) ? Italian contribution to the Axis war effort is often skipped over, but it is still very important part of the WW2 history. Italian army is very colorful and distinctive, both in tactics, equipment and look; those factors made it very popular 'secondary army' choice among the wargamers. 'The look' and overall popularity of one of main Italian war theatres - North Africa - are also very appaeling for modellers. And yes, this is copy&paste from my previous post ;)

Why L6/40
While not as numerous as M13, the L6 was present alongside the Italian troops in each and every theatre of war., wheter it is Greece, Africa, Sicily or Eastern Europe. Nice silhouette, trademark riveting (would look avesome in 1/56 scale), almost no alternatives available on the market. Due to small size, it is possible to include additional options in one kit : flametank option, command vehicle option (different turret) and even Semovente 47/32 option (extra superstructure replacing turret). With popularity of Italian army among wargamers it is excellent choice for any manufacturer. Ease of adaptability are making this vehicle very gracious model kit to make.
L6 and its variants vere in extensive German use after fall of Italy, thus increasing kit's potential client base.

Forza L6/40 :) !