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Will there also be resin T-34 tracks?  While the plastic tracks are pretty good, I am quite interested in Rubicon's planned range of extra-detailed replacement tracks.
Good point. To my shame I have not got the existing tank destroyers, but the original T34 tracks do lack detail on the inner surface.
Showcase & Gallery / Re: Jimmys WIP Thread
« Last post by ultravanillasmurf on Today at 03:53:29 PM »
That looks good. Following Ballardian's idea, you might want to add the lever on top of the breech.

As mentioned above, you just need to give the impression

What thickness rod did you use? I have 0.4mm (4mm scale handrails), 0.7mm (7mm scale handrails) and 1.0 and 1.5mm (various reinforcement and gun barrels).

By the way, are you going to call your M18 "Patsy" (or more obscurely "Rachel")?
Showcase & Gallery / Re: UVS models
« Last post by ultravanillasmurf on Today at 03:34:19 PM »
I was inspired by Ballardian's rain cover (I had seen models with hand rails but thought that was too much "chrome" for a last ditch piece of kit).

Interior will be in two stages, one is the addition of a radio, two boxes of something, two gas mask cases and the tube for the sight.

The second will be the crew, as that will require possible scratch building and I would like to have the model painted soon. I will leave the turret unglued to allow access.

Oh, and formal apology to Ripley, my excuse was I had not seen the instructions and thought the gun mount parts were on the outside and that the  socket for the locating piece was the sight opening (I did wonder why the loader had a widget above the  turret top, at least I did not claim it was a machine gun mount ^__^).
Will there also be resin T-34 tracks?  While the plastic tracks are pretty good, I am quite interested in Rubicon's planned range of extra-detailed replacement tracks.
Probably should just be the crew compartment in resin . There's the commanders cupola and side bump out , redesigned shape of the front roof hatch , double mushroom fan covers and of course the gun mount . The SU-100 did have the square front fenders though unlike the early SU-122/85 .
Showcase & Gallery / Re: Jimmys WIP Thread
« Last post by ripley on Today at 07:41:52 AM »
I think with a little paint it will look the part . These kits are small enough , you don't have to go all scale scratch build unless your really crazy  Shep Paine , the guy who built all those awesome 1/32 Monogram tank model dioramas  ( and 1/48 wingy things ) back in the 70s  had the right idea , just use what ever looks the part , the human eye will fill in most of the missing details and over look things that under careful scuitany would stand out .  For example he used Airfix wagon wheels as fans on his Panzer IV , took me 20 years the realize they ere the wrong shape :-[ And I've got books with pictures of Panzer IV engine compartments , it was just so cool you thought it "looked" right .  Those family and friends who look at your " toy " collection wouldn't know what the vehicle is never mind the extra detail you added to it . In fact a lot of model tank builders probably wouldn't know what improvements you've made to the kit unless they've actually  built one themselves .  I couldn't tell you if the shape of your breach guard is correct , I'm not up on the Hellcat , but I would know that it was missing because all tank guns have a guard of some sort to protect the crew . I've added some to my Panzer 3 , 4 with open turret side doors , as well to my  1941 T-34s  because its what you see when you look in the hatch . Are they the right size and shape , no but they look the part which is good enough for me . Same can be said for the internal details on the turret side doors , its not exact but looks the part


What's the logic in all of the upper hall being resin? I can't see that there's anything different on the engine cover or the rear of the tank?

Just takes it from a must-buy to a not-worth it for me, as it won't be possible to interchange it with the existing SU-85/122 front hulls.
Showcase & Gallery / Re: Jimmys WIP Thread
« Last post by Jimmy_P on Today at 06:36:24 AM »
Colour is very weird! I've always found these sorts of discussions fascinating, even though most of the nuances in shade, etc are lost on me.

So my local store didn't have the VJ Model Air range - I got the Model Colour Olive Drab, but it does look very much in the brown category to me. Having now looked online, it seems that it is quite a different colour (doh!), so will try and order the Air version of the Olive Drab from somewhere. In the mean time, I might try using the Brown Violet and see how it looks as I already have that.

So with the painting having to wait I stupidly thought I'd try playing around with the breech assembly. Having looked at a lot of photos of the Hellcat to try and work out how best to fit the crew into the turret, it also was obvious that that there was some detailing missing (and wrong!) on the kit and so thought I'd have a go adding some brass rod - kind of inspired by UVS' work on the Waffentrager - but unfortunately less successful (partially complicated by the fact I'd already added the Rubicon crew and undercoated the turret interior).

The original (real) Hellcat:

Attempt to copy:

So, with hindsight I think if you want to do this properly you'd need to scratchbuild the breech assembly as it's not quite right (and obviously do it before starting to paint or adding the crew!). Not sure if my bodge job is worth it and tempted to leave it out (the rod isn't glued in yet). What do you guys think?

Showcase & Gallery / Re: UVS models
« Last post by Jimmy_P on Today at 06:15:51 AM »

The extra details look great  :D what else are you planning to add to the turret?
Showcase & Gallery / Re: WIP Rubicon Shermans
« Last post by Jimmy_P on Today at 06:14:33 AM »

They're looking good!  :)
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